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Originally Posted by DragoonKain3 View Post
Still don't get the renumeration part of the end of eps 12 though. It mentioned about her completing her renumeration; so does that mean the Indian girl became a contractor????

Yeah. i was wondering about that too.

But if i had to speculate, the dimensional rift within the gate allows beings with conscious thought to bring their dreams into reality. like solaris.

however, when you do this, it brings a price.

so if you don't want to pay the price, don't ask your dreams to be real or something.

however since humans have this conveniences of a enclosed mind, we can't really control it, so when that indian girl unconsciously wished for love or that type of feeling....

she got it!! (go hei! you stud-muffin!)

but because she thought hei "disappeared/died" at the incident, thus suffering a broken heart, her little wish was "compensated" thus she would be able to continue working there.

ok, so it doesn't explain about the other researchers, and staff.

But its the best i can come up with, and i'll tackle with the others later, just one step at a time, kay?

but yeah this gate thing reminds me of a Chutulo (sp?) type of event/being

a quantum rift/being that does not have an "ego" field enclosed in a physical boundary, that affects humans if you step within it's "mind".

or something.

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