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Realistic situations? Well next to H&C I haven't really seen "realistic romance" honestly. And hell the situations in H&C ain't all that common either. When was there a realistic situation in anime? If we talk about fake girls pretty much all the anime girls behave fake. It's rather a problem that has to do with anime then Harem...Just so you know one guy even if he isn't the hottest guy around can attract the attention of multiple girls, but that's beside the point.

Above all if it's more realistic or not has nothing to do if the love is real.
Realism isn't required for a romance to be good, but there are a few out there that are such as Bokura Ga Ita. Overall for actual romance I generally find harem falling flat due to the nature of all the women to focus all their attentions on the main character and be completely loyal to him even if he doesn't choose them. In reality we know many of them would just move on and find another guy that truely loves them, which is what I find annoying about harems. There is no way all those girls would wait around for one guy and not find someone else, and because of that the romance doesn't seem just unrealistic, but outright fake and more of a guys fantasy or wet dream than a real romance.
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