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Originally Posted by KaneDragon View Post
Episode 16 gave Tomoyo a lot of "What is this thing you humans call love?" vibes. Tomoyo nonchalantly walking into Tomoya's classroom, announcing "I'm not interested in Sunohara" (but came for Tomoya, "perhaps this feeling could be called 'interested'"... ^^ Though trying to assign her selective cluelessness is perhaps unfair.

I like how straightforward Tomoyo is.
She is growing on me... I love her complex make up... she is very physically strong, yet doesn't want to have to use it ... or be judged by it... yet with all that she seems to have a hard time saying no... and needed Tomoya to get her out of a jam... and yes the episode 16 semi-disconnect from reality..

I dunno... I can see why she has her own story now
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