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Originally Posted by Owaranai Destiny View Post
Maybe she does know, but it could be the way she does things, or how she considers it to be an action where it come in line with 'being interested in Okazaki Tomoya'. I haven't quite forgotten the scene with her thinking aloud about that in the previous episode.

I've heard about this 'sukeban' thingy and even read up on it. Ought to be interesting for her, and probably a good reason as to what she said in the preview (Switching schools).
im looking foreward to the reason why she switched schools. one shot in the dark about changing schools must be related to the wheel chair she was pushing in the op.

Originally Posted by Zenemis View Post
She could very well know, but wants to do it anyway *shrug*
she is a close frind but too bad he only thinks of nagisa .

btw i found vids on youtube of tomoyo's path in the game with the translation patch . gonna have to watch it after they get on with nagisaxtomoya.
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