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Originally Posted by TMSIDR View Post
They probably will release a Blu-ray and a DVD version at the same time because Blu-rays sell much better than the DVDs in Japan at the moment. I think the DVD-only release of S2 really hurt the sales and K-on! and Bakemonogatari wouldn't have been so successful with a DVD-only release. This probably surprised many.

A very sucessful home video release needs a Blu-ray version and perhaps it might be more sucessful than Bakemonogatari but I doubt that it would reach Evangelion 2.22 sales.
I think a lot of fans were not pleased that the 2009 episodes were only on DVD (though it makes sense since BR wasn't available in 2006 for the other 14 episodes) and are holding out for a 28 episode BR box much like KANON and Clannad got from KyoAni. Thankfully the movie is a separate entity and as such it'll likely be out on both versions.

I agree that Evangelion will likely be the top seller in anime movies for a while, but I think Haruhi will get up there with the success of this movie in theatres.

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