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Originally Posted by TMSIDR View Post
They probably will release a Blu-ray and a DVD version at the same time because Blu-rays sell much better than the DVDs in Japan at the moment. I think the DVD-only release of S2 really hurt the sales and K-on! and Bakemonogatari wouldn't have been so successful with a DVD-only release. This probably surprised many.

A very sucessful home video release needs a Blu-ray version and perhaps it might be more sucessful than Bakemonogatari but I doubt that it would reach Evangelion 2.22 sales.
Originally Posted by ultimatemegax View Post
I agree that Evangelion will likely be the top seller in anime movies for a while, but I think Haruhi will get up there with the success of this movie in theatres.
If the Haruhi movie goes straight to Blu-ray it's going to do very well. It will be interesting to keep track of the Frontier movie as it's similar performance in the cinema should give a good indication of how the Haruhi movie is going to do. The sales won't be anywhere near NGE levels but that show has far greater mainstream exposure so it's not really a fair comparison.

Not sure why there was no simultaneous release of the first and second season of Haruhi on BR. K-on! proved that a fairly average show without spectacular animation can do very well as long as it's promoted and has an immediate BR release. I doubt it's a problem with the resolution as both TSR and Kanon got the full treatment.

Hmm, maybe the movie will only be available on BR as part of a boxed set with seasons 1 and 2. Now that would be a stunt, and they are crazy enough to do it
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