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Not sure why there was no simultaneous release of the first and second season of Haruhi on BR. K-on! proved that a fairly average show without spectacular animation can do very well as long as it's promoted and has an immediate BR release. I doubt it's a problem with the resolution as both TSR and Kanon got the full treatment.
My guess is that they're holding off to do some touch-up work (and hopefully complete reanimation for some of BLR and E8) on the 2009 episodes like they did between the 2006 airings and their DVD releases. The resolution on the 2009 episodes may have been higher than with the 2006 episodes (HD vs SD), but in many ways the 2009 animation was clearly inferior, and nowhere near as polished overall. (INB4 Kaisos) They could also be remastering 2006 (instead of just a standard upscale) for a "full-season" release, possibly to coincide with the Disappearance BD release.
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