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Buggy the Clown > 80,000. I was going to say 100,000,000 for some reason I feel like 80,000,000 is the right number. For some reason ODA sensei seems to give out a lot of just around 80,000,000 (Robin, Boa, Crocodile). It would be funny if he accelerated to rookie status over night (100,000,000).

Trafalgar Law I think will get an increase due to his aiding luffy on two occasions.

Luffy's Bounty is likely to increase even with the marine ford cover up. I don't think they can hide the fact that Luffy was in the lime light most of this war, or the fact he punched a Tenrryuu Buuto. I think they might be able to cover up a lot of impel down, but I think enough rumours will fly about lufffy breaking in and out. The credit for capturing Crocodile was given to Smoker, but they still rose luffy's bount. I was going to estimate 500,000,000, but I would not be surprised if its actually higher.
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