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Originally Posted by Maugomale View Post
Well, now that the romance with Kuroneko is over and she got her own spin-off, chances are her overall relevance in the story is gonna be reduced, and the next volumes will develop the Kousuka siblings's relationship even further. Maybe we'll finally get to know what's in Kirino's secret album and what drove their relationship to turn cold in the first place...
Personally, I think you're leaping to conclusions too early based on your previous posts 'shipping for an "incest end" . One could also observe that Kuroneko put the romance on hold until Kyousuke resolves his sibling issue (i.e. it can't go forward unless a number of issues are resolved). There's too little information to be certain of either view, especially since we know Kuroneko has a predilection for surprises (like her initial enrollment in Kyousuke's school).

However.... if Kuroneko does "vanish" after all that has happened, then I'll fault the author for jerking his characters around like a bad puppet show rather than developing an organically natural story. Almost any decent author will tell you that once they create the story its almost as if the characters are simply telling him/her what to record as it happens. Plus... Kirino and Kuroneko have too many character "light/dark" parallels ... it would simply be less interesting for the black cat to vanish.
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