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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Personally, I think you're leaping to conclusions too early based on your previous posts 'shipping for an "incest end" .
Indeed I could. I won't deny that I want the siblings to end up together. Then again, everyone assumed a Kuroneko end was certain after the events of volume 7, and look what happened...

One could also observe that Kuroneko put the romance on hold until Kyousuke resolves his sibling issue (i.e. it can't go forward unless a number of issues are resolved). There's too little information to be certain of either view, especially since we know Kuroneko has a predilection for surprises (like her initial enrollment in Kyousuke's school).
You do have a point. However, I feel that, by giving up the advantage she had and letting the siblings resolve their relationship, this cuts her chances short. She already tightened the bond between them with the break up, and now, we have Kyousuke already considering the possibility of falling for Kirino were she not his sister, which is another big step for for them.

Can't help but think she was just another catalyst for more development between them, just like Mikagami.

However.... if Kuroneko does "vanish" after all that has happened, then I'll fault the author for jerking his characters around like a bad puppet show rather than developing an organically natural story.
I don't think she'll vanish, but she'll probably revert to her pre-volume 5 status when it comes to her relevancy in the story. Misaka from Index proved that when a character gets a spin-off, her screentime in the main story is reduced. Whether this will happen to Kuroneko or not, only time will tell...

A Kirino end is not certain and I'm well aware of that. Still, I believe that now that we're getting close to a conclusion, the album and the siblings's past need to be properly explained. Leaving Kuroneko out of the fray and focusing the story on them for a while might be what the author is going for, as she's had the spotlight for quite a while now.

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