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Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
Why does everyone think Lelouch only saw the back? Kallen turns towards him, uncovered, during that conversation. He saw all of Kallen in that scene.
I look at the episode...
Bluray uncensored or not (censored) the copy is clear, Lelouch saw the back. Not the entire body.
She turns around the cutain is still there and Lelouch looking at the other side, but when the curtain falls Lulu said
I can see, then the camera focus on Kallen's entire naked back.

Originally Posted by FFXFan13 View Post
Please die.
My answer

(I take that back... I think youre just having fun with your post??? or not??? )

Since Lulu is officially dead for you the only Zero around is Suzaku...
YES that is SUZAKU!!!!

He is the Zero with a chair.

The ZeroSuzaku who kill my Lulu....

Yep all I see is Suzaku as Zero here

P.S : Cant seem to find the proper credits for them...

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