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^ It's difficult to explain that here, so it's better if you google it (if you see something pink, it must be it)
Originally Posted by Ashaman View Post
What, you think that not technically existing on this plane of reality is some kind of protection? Really? With spells like Queen of the Fleet, and characters whose goals are to become God+, I don't think goddess Madoka would be safe if someone came gunning for her.
As I already said, I don't know about the others However, I don't think something like Queen of the Fleet would represent any harm for that kind of being (since there's no trace of her in this world to begin with). And yes, existing in a higher plane is a very effective protection, you can't touch it unless you're in the same plane of existence.
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You know, even though we call Madoka a 'Goddess', she's not actually God- but in the Toaruverse she's probably an 'Angel', in the sense that... Hmmm, how do I describe this... Remember the conversation between Fiamma and Crowley about how Angels represent an 'Element' of the Universe?

Yeah, something like that.
Meh, from an other POV she's somewhat the incarnation of what Aleister is aiming for ...
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