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Originally Posted by ronelm2000 View Post
Question: if only a technical question is asked, how can it potentially spoil someone in a series like SAO?
Because it hints at the existence of things that people don't already know about. Our spoiler policy isn't just about "whether it will ruin the plot", but about whether it reveals anything that the reader doesn't know.

Originally Posted by Spoiler Policy
A spoiler is anything that discloses an event, character, plot or other information before it is revealed within the specific work being discussed.
This may not be the definition that is applied everywhere in the world, but that is the meaning we apply here. If you tell me anything I could not have known based on what I've seen or read, that's a spoiler (it gives something -- anything -- away). We use the anime as a baseline in most cases because we're primarily an anime forum.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand...
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