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Question Lots of unclear aspects about SAO

Hello. I'm a bit a newbie in this series, as I began watching the anime one week ago and have been reading the LN since then.

However after that time I still don't really get some parts.
I tried to read this whole thread before posting my message and I think my questions still haven't been answered.

Spoiler for Timeline continuity:

Spoiler for Subject-person during the story:

Spoiler for Kirito's dual wield and fishing:

Spoiler for Second anime episode:

Spoiler for Will it ever end? Kirito x Asuna?:

I hope you can help me in answering these questions. Maybe I missed some important points while reading the LN, in which case I'm sorry. I find it a bit "heavy" to read because 80% of it is the description of the scenary & people, which you "see" directly in the anime. Reading the whole volume 3 for instance took me around half a day (AVG 90 minutes for each chapter). Although I may not be a quick reader, I find it a bit heavy compared at least with the anime.
I even tried to read the manga but didn't really like its style. Both anime and LN are better IMHO, although that may be a personal taste.
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