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Originally Posted by Aquaman OS View Post what's the point? Obviously they aren't going for Genocide end, but as far as I'm concerned peace will be empty, because all the named Vegans are dead except the one guy who's been frozen hasn't spoken and I could care less about. So the faceless masses survived. Who cares? You aren't supposed to care about them.

God damn it. Destiny dropped the ball, Geass dropped the ball, 00 dropped the ball, and Age dropped the ball. Can they just not do mecha right anymore?
Totally agree on the first point.

However, 00 was actually pretty good. Setsuna vs Alejandro, Hal/Al vs Sergei and Soma, and then Setsuna vs Graham were all pretty damn good fights. Then S2 had it's ups and downs, Lyle vs Ali was total shit, but Lyle vs Revive, and Setsuna vs Ribbons were damn good.

Zeheart's death could have been much much better. What we got is rather lame and not very effective at making an emotional impact.
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