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Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
In the end you simply must kill them all...

At least Kio will get a happy ending, isn't that satisfying enough?
Really Kio failed. He couldn't save any of the people he tried to save and even the guy he spared ended up getting blown up by Zeheart.

The only guy he'll probably save is frozen dude, who he doesn't know, and the faceless Vegan masses who he also doesn't know.

Meanwhile Fram Girard and Deen, the people he actually tried to understand and save all died.

When you think about it all 3 don't really get a happy ending. Flit lost lots of people and spent most of his life seething in hatred, no matter what he chooses to do next ep. Asemu missed out entirely on his sons childhood, and couldn't save his buddy. And Kio couldn't save anyone he tried to connect to.

Again, this is why a so called happy peaceful ending comes off as insincere when most of the characters died anyway.
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