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Well i see thing are a bi more energetic around here. so i would join this little discussion a little more.

Recently i am trying to get a date online but i have little number of visitors or replies but there is one girl who wrote back and said she is not online too much so i suggested that we can text or phone each other. she said okay, and then i left my number to her. now i am waiting 4 her answer....she looks like a decent girl....her looks are above average, i'd say 8 out of 10. so i am looking forward to it.

and there is another girl who left me her phone number as an answer to my mail. I really do not know what to think but my first impression was that she is don't give out your number to a perfect stranger after a line he i am hesitating on that one and i think for a good reason.....

About muscles: in 10th and 11th grade i did some physical exercise at home and from experience i tell that your strength dramatically increases from it even if it is not a visible change... at least i did not have any visible change, but my strength increased so i could lift a 50 kg sack of cement easily and i had like 65 kilos at that time...visible muscle mass increase came at the age of 20 when i gained in a year almost 20 kg and i did not change my i am not exercising but i plan to take up some kind of an exercise or else during winter i will gain additional weight as fat.

when i gained strength i felt satisfied with myself so i would recommend it to you, i felt that i could overcome anything knowing i am not that weak nerd anymore.... and it proved useful cause at that time a bully was really pissing me off and i don't know how i grabbed him by his shirt and threw him away like 2 meters. the whole class was shocked when they saw it....
even i did not believe myself.....but maybe i caught him by surprise that is why i managed to throw him. (Note: even though i did that i never fought) .

so gaining some strength is beneficial, it gives you a small boost......instead of saying "i am too weak to do it" you will say "i will try"
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