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Originally Posted by ZeroXSEED View Post
Well, Ichika Is Mobius 1 by default. And thanks for the idea.

I'm trying to subvert Ichika being a flying god war as well in that his entrance seems subtle most of the time, but when he kick ass, he kick some of the hardest one, then it got worse when his sisters joined the fray...

"I haven't seen the sky so crowded since B7R"
- Chifuyu 'Cipher' Orimura, in 'Shattered Skies'
Some more ideas.

Tatenashi - Lady or Mist
Madoka - Zephyrs, Silent or Doppelganger
Maya - Glasses, Sensei
Chelsea - Crown, Noble
Natasha - Sliver, Gospel or Bell
Autumn - Arachne
Dan - Erster
Ran - Niigata
Kazuma - Going to need some more info.
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