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Originally Posted by ZeKeR View Post
if my brain still can assess the girls, then yeah, Titta is the younger. that aside, his probable relationship styles of each girl is:

Titta - younger sis and maid
Elen - mentor and senpai
Alexandra - should they meet, pretty sure onee-san on younger brother
Sophia - isn't she treating him similar to that?
Charl - childhood friend. nuff said.
Mila - switching from admirer to an assertive lover
In my poin of view the girl relationship with tigre :

Titta : Childhoodfriend,Younger sis and maid
Ellen : The owner of tigre,but as time goes got reversed,tigre who own her..
Lim : Senpai,asistant and teacher
Alexandra : Will become nee-san role...
Sophia : The naughty onee-san...but more like master-pet..??>XD
Princess of brune : childhood friend
Mira : assertive lover..(huhuhu...i like mira)
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