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For the most part, you are correct. I actually finished Madan v01 a month and a half ago or something like that. I posted it up on the B-T forums to see if anyone would check it, but nothing happened, so I put it up on the wiki. I finished Parabellum volume 1 before working on Madan v03, then I started reading Mahouka again since Dreyakis and Seitsuki were translating quickly. Yes, I am reading Mahouka v07, but I am not doing a machine translation like this. I'm only reading it to see what the difference is from the web novel. I barely started it and then went back to Madan, mostly because it won't get that interesting until probably 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through when the war starts.

I'll probably call it quits for now. I'm completely burnt; even if I'm using machine translations, there's a difference between putting the story together and putting the story on paper (so to speak). If I do anything else, I'll post it when I'm done like I've been doing.

By the way, since Parabellum looks to have gained a t/l, I may not post the preview unless the translator tells me to. The only reason I just upped these other ones was because there were no active translators.
quick question-Is there a way to submit spell check corrections for volume 3 vanadis on baka tsuki ?_? Spotted a few and wanted to help abit :3

Neeevermind, find edit button, iono if the edit stays though O_o

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