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Ya Kaidou is likely a villain. It as been hinted he not one to cross and he did destroy Moriahs dream of becoming Pirate King.
I agree that he will be a villain, I just don't think he is the one purchasing Smiles off Doffy.

Mihawk and Jimbei (just his name, affiliation, and status) were introduced before we even got to see Crocodile. Kuma and Doflamingo were introduced before we even got to see Moria. I don't see how this scenario is any different.
Kaidou has already been introduced. We know his name, status and affiliation, do we not?

The difference here is that whilst some of the Shichibukai were indeed introduced before others, here, it is not a mere introduction. The fact that Doflamingo is a supplier to a yonkou means that if Luffy antagonizes him, he will be indirectly making a move against the Yonkou as well. He has already declared war on Big Mom; as Marvel and others have pointed out, the Strawhats are likely not strong enough to take down her whole crew by themselves. They will at the very least require the aid of Jinbei and Law, and maybe Kidd, Hawkins et al. Having Luffy face yet another Yonkou at the very same time would be overkill and over the top.

It makes sense for the Yonkou in question to be Big Mom, simply because she was introduced as an antagonist just 20 chapters ago. The Smiles plotline can tie Doflamingo in with her war against Luffy.
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