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Originally Posted by paradox13 View Post
Probably Kaidou as well.

There is speculation on the web that Doflamingo's artificial devil fruits could be a way of controlling the minds of the people who have eaten it. This would fit Doffy's puppeteer theme and power of controlling people's actions as well as his ambitious personality and underhanded way of doing things. Taking over a Yonkou's territory by controlling his own zoan army would change the world.. maybe that is what Doflamingo meant when he said that he would usher in a new age, the age of Smiles. Perhaps Doflamingo is doing this in cooperation with the World Government, as I see Akainu being far more pro-active in the fight against piracy then Sengoku was.

That is another reason why I can not see Kaidou being the one targeted by Doflamingo and the World Government. We have seen too little of him, and he is too big of a character to be eliminated off screen.

We have already seen Luffy interact with Big Mom and we know he will fight against her in the future. Doflamingo's plan may initiate just as this is happening.

Of course this is just another possibility, but everything seems to point at Big Mom being the Yonkou in question.
Seeing as how sinister Akainu and Doflamingo are, I can definitely see them working together to take down one of the emperors. And if Doflamingo really can control the minds of those that have eaten the artificial DFs, he can indirectly eliminate that emperor (he wouldn't have to get himself directly involved in a fight). Seems to be the most efficient way of dealing with a major threat. Akainu also wouldn't have to expend any of the marines' resources in such a scenario either, so it's a win-win situation for both of them.

And like Aohige said before, I can see Big Mom eventually becoming an ally of Luffy after the two of them go through some serious altercations. Doubt she'll be nothing more than a one-time enemy for the strawhats to overcome.
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