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The whole Doflamingo mind controls all the zoans is a bit far fetched. There are some open questions, what is Donflamingos fruit? why did mononosuke see Donflamingo in a flashback? I do think he has something else up his sleeve, he always seem to.
Not to mention it's over-powered even for him. For starters, Doflamingo has only shown himself to control one person's body at a time. What, exactly, about the properties of an artificial zoan fruit would allow him to control someone's mind as well? So it's obvious that there are limits to his haxness. It also seems like those with exceptional strength cannot be fully controlled like a puppet. In the war, Doflamingo only managed to stop Jozu in his tracks from hitting Crocodile. And unlike Doffy's previous victims, Jozu kept his composure and looked like he didn't really give a shit. That being said, there definitely are ways to circumvent or at least mitigate the effects of Doflamingo's fruit.
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