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Nemesis is quite the puzzling villain. She knows Mea is being influenced by everyone on Earth just as Yami has, yet she mostly leaves her on her own. She uses others to carry out her deeds when we've seen that she's quite capable of handling things herself.

If Nemesis really wants Yami to succumb to the 'Darkness', why doesn't she just order Mea to go on a killing spree? Mea's insanely loyal to her, and if Nemesis is constantly keeping an eye on her and Yami then surely she would have seen the near incident those two had on the roof back in chapter 3.

I know that this chapter is establishing the obvious "bad guy starts turning good" trope, but it's pretty hard to swallow that Nemesis actually wants this to happen since she even sent those bounty hunters after Mea just to remind her that she's a weapon. I'm hoping that Yabuki and Hasemi actually carved out her grand scheme and aren't just winging it.
It could be many things. Like it was said by someone else, Nemesis could turn out to be yet another character with a sad background due to being raised as a weapon.
Another idea could be that Yabuki and Hasemi don't give a fuck and they just go with this as they please, without taking the plot seriously.
Yet another idea could be that Nemesis is letting Mea experience regular, peaceful human life only to have Mea's views on it tarnished later, make Mea hate all of that and have her become an assassin through and through. Nemesis did say she was fond mostly of fucking with people's minds. So, she may be planning on doing this with both Mea and Yami.
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