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@zoofranz when did Run ever state that she hated lala? i thought she said she was a little jealous of lala since lala gets to spend every minute with rito but not that she hates her after all theyre childhood friends. Yui i think will need some persuading. and nana i could care less about i dont think she'll join either with her tsundere attitude towards rito but looks like momo is pressing the issue there.
Well, Run bought some artifacts from outter space just to use them against Lala. However, I just remembered that the last one was the skunk, and in that chapter Lala saved Run, which made her forgive Lala at some point.

What Nanaya says about the harem plan is right though. Having the skunk chapter I mentioned in mind, it could be doable in Run's case too, but not easy at all.
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