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Every tick on the book? Like just asking nicely over and over? I’m sorry but I just don’t see anyone with even a little amount of intelligence falling for a trick set by the Hückebein. Is like those guys who fall for Jail’s lies, none of them can hide the fact they are evil. Then again Thoma is not the most brightest of guys, is he?

In any case I don’t see a point of asking Thoma. Why they never just grab the guy by force and brainwash him? Because at this point they are going nowhere with this. Besides Thoma’s reason for liking them is just so out of place. They take him away, murder innocent people, almost murder SD6 agents and he is all like “I owe them so much”.

That being say a least we have plot… kind of. What I like of this chapter is how they compare Thoma to Nanoha. Our hero ladies and gentleman: he is weaker, less competent and overall inferior to the previous one but we are going to remain with him in any case.

Spoiler for True Lies:
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