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About Alto, no, she is just there to pilot the helicopter I can just tell you.

Point taken, there is no other reason why Cypha tell Thoma but just to try to make him like them. I just find odd how easy he moves to like them. To the point I am sure they don’t need to bother with all this stuff, just lie to him and tell guy they have information on his past and he will go and join without a second thought on the matter, and when he is there just lie again and tell him they lost the information. Thoma wouldn’t even think on checking if they are lying, he will just take their word for it. So when I can see that as a possible scenario all the rest seems pointless to me.

About the points you bring that sounds actually good, I just don’t think that is the direction the manga is going or that will make much sense when the plot is done. Hardis seems just a copy of Jail on that “this new technology will chance the world but I have to kill a lot of people to do so”. Well on both cases is old technology they found so no really “new” on that sense. But what I found odd is Hardis lack of motivation so far. He doesn’t really have any reason to do what he does because we are not explain what is he doing with this things other than he is doing it. He is already in business and as far as we know he is doing just fine. He doesn’t try to do something with energy and even in that case we still don’t know what type of energy moves the Nanoha world, if is magic, how they use it? Like their normal electricity supply? They just have “magic plugs” on their houses where they put their devices to recharge? That needs to be address as well before we can go for the: use the tech to change the world and make a lot of money out of it.

I will never compare the Hückebein to Punisher. No just because the last one is actually more consequent with his action but he doesn’t kill innocents, not even for the greater good. They might kill but the Hückebein are clear criminals that just want to do their way and not care about consequences. The way we don’t even know why they fight Hardis is another reason to wonder about. They like being Eclipse Drivers? They want more like them? I have no idea what they are doing anything and they aren’t even moving to a clear goal. I think we need to know what their objectives are now. Again, same problem, lack of motives.
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