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I can agree on Vandin's lack of a true motivation but in the Hucks case is more a lack of exposition on their motives than a proper lack of motivation, the beef they have with Vandin is pretty clear and in apst Chpters Curren has stated something among the lines of "he betrayed us" ...strongly implying a past co-working relationship between the Hucks and Hardis Vandin (for some reason i like to think Hardis was the one who raised Curren into the Ultimate Badass she is now and she escaped from him some years ago with her heart broken after discovering she was only another tool for him to achieve his goals ...and now she seeks revenge xD).

About Curren's strategies to get Tohma and the later's guillibleness towards the Hucks ...i said she's "trying" every trick in the book, not "tried" xD We have to wait and see how things turn out on that famously belated family reunion xDU The plot is trying to post Curren as a magnificent manipulator so Hayate and others react to her schemes with amazement and surprise i guess it's better for our mental health to just go with it for now xDU
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