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Yes, but to be fair manipulate any character in Nanoha should not be that hard. Just saying. Currenn to me is like not a big deal, she tries to be but when it comes down to her actions I just can’t pass her goofy behavior near Stella. If you want to made a badass then made one, not keep her being the funny old sister, the mysterious killer, the manipulative evil leader and the ultimate warrior all in once, or at least balance such aspects of her a little better.

Kaijo is not I don’t like mystery. I love it. When we are learning about things with the characters and making sense out of something that doesn’t seem like adding on but that in the end all make sense or at least reveals the great mystery… I am all on such stories. However that doesn’t mean all “mysteries” are good or that we should have mysteries all over the place. Like I say, Nanoha is not to be something with intrigue beyond some minor cases, a simplest story with a clear goal always works better for this setting. What I don’t like is that we have no idea where the characters are going, no long term goal for the bad guys, the good guys are just going around the plot of the two bad organizations and in then end nobody is king enough to tell me why I should care. I mean, yes mystery but if you don’t give any reason to worry about it I will find it more like a bother than an actual plot element.

If the bad guys think the good guys can’t understand their motives or that they should know them is ok with me, but here the Hückebein don’t say what they want just because creates mystery. Or is how I feel the series, playing with our expectations in a rather odd manner and not going to the point just to show more scenes that goes nowhere. I feel more annoyed than thrill to find what is going on.
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