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What is this attack you say he used in vol 9 that i dont remenber? it was against who? and how he used it? and this new attack is a new authority? from wich god?
Chapter 7 starts in part 4 continues through part 5.

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In volume 9 Athena gave him the rest of her life force which was absorbed by Ama no Murakumo, and he used it to fight Divine sword of Salvation, aka Excalibur, that Lancelot was borrowing. This new attack is speculated to be the remnants of Athena's life force, or maybe Susanno gave him some of his power, who knows?
I'd say it's more then speculation first we have the nature of the 2 attack the one used in vol. 9 covered Ama no Murakumo in black flames and described it's power as sucking everything in like a black hole. The descriptions we've gotten in spoilers describe the attack as being like black hole. The illustration from Vol. 14 matches up with the vol. 9 you have Ama no Murakumo covered in black flames with a black hole present.
Also she allowed to take both her life force and powers.
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