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Originally Posted by azziz View Post
i doubt that,didn't ena told to hikari that her familie didn't have a successor?
don't forget those old families are those who deem yuri unworthy to be the king concubine in spite of her achievement so i think she must have been ostrasized-unless i'm too influenced by mahouka or kaze no stigma...
Kaoru said in chapter 2 of volume 8

Well, it's actually not a requirement for a head of the four families to be an excellent spellcaster. As long as she made a clean break and focused herself on the duties of an organization head, it would've been fine. However, Fuyuhime developed quite a complex over her dwarfishness and inability to cast spells... Consequently, she always had difficulty getting along with others and was thus unsuited for field work, resulting in the current situation.
In Kaze no Stigma Kazuma wa ostracised because Kannagi family was governed by power, and in Mahouka Tatsuya is ostracised because he's BS magician, i'm not quite sure about him.
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