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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
That was probably Signum just being cocky, don't forget she tends to be kind of a smug snake at times. What with "you have pretty good sense for a mage, but against a Belkan-type knight it will be useless" at the beginning of A's?
Which is fine and dandy, (Signum does ever so love to tease Fate) if not for Fate herself saying that her losses against Signum are far outclassing her victories.

Regardless, I believe the main issue that led to this point was that Fate is a very skilled melee fighter who uses Mid. And regardless of how she matches up against Signum, that she is a highly skilled melee fighter cannot be argued.

However, that does not make Mid a better system than Belka for melee. Fate uses several workarounds to perform well in melee. She sacrifices armor for speed, and continues to sacrifice it even more for Sonic Form. She also uses an energy blade for almost every one of her weapon modes, rather than physically enhancing Bardiche in his... well... bardiche mode.

If I were to nitpick -and I will- I would also point out that if we ignore Rule of Cool for a moment, choosing a scythe over a bardiche shows that she kind of needs the energy blade, as otherwise the bardiche is a superior weapon.

And amidst all that, Fate still uses a truckload of ranged spells. Indeed, her arsenal of shooting spells vastly outnumbers her arsenal of melee spells.
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