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Originally Posted by kyp275 View Post
I'm also not sure what's "hard to swallow" about piling on Japan, it was a world war, not a game of Risk, especially considering Imperial Japan being the aggressor and its brutality throughout the war.
Considering that the US already had Japan in the back pocket after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I have a hard time understanding the neccessity behind that particular episode AFTER Hiro-Hito announced Japan's surrender on August 15, 1945 (In August 18–31, Soviet forces invaded the North and South Kurils). I'm just trying to keep things open-minded on that particular subject here (and, yes, I'm a fan of that picture in which a sailor kissed that woman in the celebrations in New York ). Anyway, we're drifting off-topic on this.

In the present time, politicians were holding ongoing talks, things were kept civil, and civilian reactions from both sides were supposedly non-influential upon the talks. However, can you tell me what in the world were 2 Russian planes doing within the Hokkaido airspace, completely off the mark from their assigned position over the Kurils? As I mentioned, some people here would be the first to blast Britain if they sent the RAF within Argentinian airspace in response to a local civilian demonstration in front of the embassy, especially after the Argentinian president's recent comments on the Falklands.
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