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Serious theories of one piece

This is where ill be posting my theories of One Piece. All of my theories are well thought out and have taken days and weeks of thought for each one, but are constantly changing with the show.

I searched to see if anyone else came to this conclusion like I have, but I was shocked to find that no one has posted anything like this, as far as I could find.

I have no idea what one piece is. I have theories but I'll post them later. But I have an idea that i'm 95% sure is going to be true, and that's about WHERE one piece is. If your looking at the world of One Piece, there are four seas: north blue, east blue, south blue, west blue, plus the red line, a giant 1000 meter tall extremely thick plateau/mountain, that apparently no one ives on for whatever reason, and the grand line, a current of water going in one direction perpendicular to the red line. Normally when ever they're shown the world in the series, the north and east seas are on the top or "north" of the grand line, while the west and south seas are below it, or "south" of it, with the red line running north to south, and the grand line running east to west, or so it appears on the map. But when you think about the names of the seas, you would actually have to turn the map slightly, to make the north blue at the top, the east blue to the east, etc. This would mean that the red line runs northeast to southwest, and the grand line runs northwest to southeast, forming not a cross, but an "X" on either side of the world. As in, you know, "X marks the spot!" Actually this has already been shown in the manga. On either side of the world where the red and grand line form an "X", there is reverse mountain where you enter the grand line, and the "Holy Land" Mariejois. As stated in the manga, it is very hard to find where one piece is, shown when Roger asked Whitebeard if he wanted to know "how to get there". It is implied that one piece is at "Raftel", as well as the true history, but Roger never actually said that it is and island, just a place. Here is my theory about its location. When Luffy reaches the end of the grand line, there won't be and island there and he'll just be staring at the top of reverse mountain, then his "Will of D." will kick in and he'll realize that Raftel isn't an island, it's reverse mountain, or rather, UNDERNEATH reverse mountain, which would explain the ancient looking gates when you start to go up reverse mountain. And that you you would need to stop the water flow and a cave system will be revealed starting where the gates end, or possibly just go under the water flow to watch the water fly up over you with a massive pocket of air underneath it revealing an ancient city, Raftel. Water in one piece has done some crazy things, like the knockup stream, and not to mention sky island and the cloud sea, but I think someone might have done this on purpose to hide the city, the water up the mountain thing. That being said, the "holy land" Mariejois, was probably built on the other side of the world from reverse mountain for a reason, because the founders of the world government knew Raftel was there, clearly, and were terrified of "something" there, so they built their fortress as far away from it was they could, on the other side of the world, in case anyone found it. The location of Mariejois and the fear of the history, one piece, Raftel, etc., shown by the world government seem to prove my theory.

Here are a few other theories I hope to post;

-The devil fruits are actually meant to be found by certain people that the universe has chosen, so they wouldn't actually be random. Their powers just match up so perfectly with their users, implying they were meant to find them. This can also mean a common personality with it's previous users, or maybe a "past lives" sort of thing.

-Vagapunk is actually FROM 500 years in the future and has come back either to stop the World government from being destroyed, which we all know thats where it's heading, or, even more likely, based on the motion of the series, came back and is working through the Government to help it be destroyed and help Luffy on his path using knowledge of how the timeline plays out. (great examples to come)

-And of course what One Piece is *sigh* though I'd really rather not, as I know for a fact I'm going to get it wrong. As I stated above, I really have no clue. When I first started watching the show I knew it wasn't going to be gold, and my theory changed with the feeling of the show. First I thought it would be a seed to grow devil fruits, because I didn't know most people can only have one and when they die it goes to another fruit. Then I thought it was something precious of Roger's like a memento or a family heirloom from ancient times, like the whole "This hat is my treasure" thing. After all, it was Roger's journey that made him king, not what he found. Then I thought it was just the true history. But I was Just caught up in the whole Robin/poneglyph/Ohara thing and came to realize it wasn't that. My current theory will be put in my next post in a few days

Also several others. If anyone thinks i might be giving too much away, please tell me and ill stop posting. Hope this is read!

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