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Sorry about my last post, I accidentally submitted a draft instead of the final copy so there were a couple of spelling errors and some content that i wrote when i was drunk at 2 in the morning that is not in the anime, such as the hight of the red line varying between 10000 meters (somehow the same hight as sky island) and 1000 meters (the height of Mariejois) and the thickness varies. Also that the red line is considered a string of islands with a few currents between them contacting the seas slightly, has it has been implied, I'm not really sure. Also I put that the red line is uninhabited, but that is only along the grand line where the red line is a plateau instead on a mountain. Though the rest of it is right.

This short post is about the strength levels of devil fruits. It was said by Enel and several others that Paramecia type fruits are the weakest of the three, the order of power from weakest to strongest being Paramecia, Zoan in the middle, and Logia as the strongest. But from what we've seen, people with Paramecias can sometimes be significantly stronger than Logia's. Here is my theory on this. When a person first eats a devil fruit, Paramecias will be the weakest, following the order above. Off the bat, Logias are immensely powerful and don't require much training to use. Zoan types will greatly enhance the user's physical strength and agility, and having it for just a little while means you can mop the floor with a group of normal people. Most importantly when a person first gets a Paramecia, their power is weak very hard to use. In the flashback in the very beginning that introduced Shanks, when Luffy first got his power from the fruit, he could be streched when pulled, but could not stretch himself as he can today. During the Marineford War arc, a second flashback reveled that when Luffy and Ace were fighting as kids, Luffy could stretch, but only very little, and it wasn't nearly as fast or as powerful as it is today, and was fairly reminiscent of a wet noodle being thrown at Ace. So here is my thought; when you first get your power, the order of strength is right, but not after you practice with it. In the Water 7 arc, Rob Lucci said that training with a Zoan power increases the users strength, which make sense, a leopard can become stronger, but not learn to shoot energy beams. And with the awakened Zoans introduced at Impel Down, its implied there is a limit to how strong they can be. Logias are the strongest from the get go, but when you think about it, do not Improve with practice. The user can figure out new ways to use it, and get more comfortable throwing their power around, but for the most part, it's level of strength is the same was when you first eat it. And most Logia users tend to rely too much on it, while Paramecias enhance the user, but it's still the user doing the attacking. I think what were going to find out along the series is that paramecias start off as the weakest, but with training, hard work, and creativity, can each become far superior to a Logia, it just takes a long time. For example, who else was shocked by Luffy's gear third? I didn't see it coming, but that goes to show how much a Paramecia can improve.

Luffy: I can't use swords, you bastard!
I don't know how to navigate a ship!
And I can't cook!
Or lie!
And I'm pretty sure I can't live without being helped!

Arlong: How can you be the captain of a ship with no pride!?
What the hell can you even do?

Luffy: I can beat you
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