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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
The interesting thing is that his review says more about him than the ser... well, the amazing part is that he's even in France apparently... where some of the basis for this type of story is part of the social and historical landscape (pre-christian local polytheism and animism, medieval motifs, economics of the Middle-Ages, etc).
Is it really based on France ?
As a fellow frenchman, the architecture of the villages / town reminded me more of Germany personnally (or rather the idea I have of Middle Age Germany)
For the polytheism and animism thing, well the entire gaul has been romanized by the pre-christian roman empire (battle of Alesia : 52 BC) and became christian with it. All pagans references quickly died as well as well as the roman ones. Pre-roman gaul was a celtic country (it wasn't really a country, it was a territory full of celtic tribes / kingdoms) and there is nothing in S&W that makes me think celtic or roman.
I thought the setting was more based on northern europe (mainly because wolfs have a bigger role in northern mythology and because their pagan tradition coexisted for a while with christianism and because they are headed north).
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