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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Nice age stereotyping and insulting of me to sidestep the discussion.
Because you consider the following not insulting?

The interesting thing is that his review says more about him than the ser... well, the amazing part is that he's even in France apparently... where some of the basis for this type of story is part of the social and historical landscape (pre-christian localpolytheism and animism, medieval motifs, economics of the Middle-Ages, etc).
I cock my eyebrow a bit at people who don't seem to be aware of their local history (local = european) in this case. I've got no problem with someone simply not finding S&W interesting -- but the post (and previous ones by him) is giving me vibes of a much more fundamental "not getting" what is going on.
Who are you to judge me like that? Do you even know me or my background?
So yeah, the age stereotyping was completely intentional, and the moron thing too. I hate being insulted, just like everyone else. Oh, and just because you work with young people doesn't mean they all have to bow to everything you teach them.

Then OK, FPB, I used to post quite a lot here, and usually never received any feedback, so now I just happen to "concise" my posts, especially when I don't agree with the rest of the reviewers. That's my way to say "no, unanimity doesn't exist", and the thing is, I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that way, even here.
Call it trolling or whatever you want, It's my mistake and I'll live with it.
And please ignore my posts then. As I said, I wouldn't care less. It's just I like things to get straight when it comes to my "unintelligence".
I just tried to express how I despise intellectualization. Call me a retard if you like, I'd be actually quite proud to be that kind of retard.
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