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Yeah Raki was back tracking, to all the places he's been with Clare. Since he finally made it to the beginning what next? He'll probably stay for a week and then start heading back. Either way, he'll be meeting up with Clare soon, and I'm hoping it'll be in ch.81. But, most likely it'll be the last 2 pages, and will have to wait till ch.82 for the full reunion.

I'm really itching to know more about Raki's growth, so far we only know that he's of Claymore level, not to mention the suspense of seeing Clare's and Raki's reunion is going to be heart warming <3, Now she can sleep with him, without the glaring eyes of the pedobear, lol.

Edit: Raki has to become strong, it was his desire to become strong. Him not becoming strong would be a spit on his determination.
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