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Umm... I'm a bit disappointed. It is boring, that's the thing.

The biggest problem, probably is that script/screenplay absolutely missed the point of original manga. Manga is relying on synthesis between random-situation and interaction between characters, but only the 'random situation' part was well presented but failed at 'interaction' part. So, only random situations was randomly presented, which is boring.

Seiyuus... another disappointment. I believed in Kyoto Animation, but this time, they failed. I couldn't point out any notable actings from any of the newbie seiyuus involved, unlike K-On which absolutely worked well. Animation and art quality was godly as usual, but colouring was worse than average.

Other than that, it was normal episode. However, it's definitely not something that Kyoto Animation is good at. SHAFT is much better at this kind of comedy. It will still sell due to animation quality itself is something that nothing can beat, but ultimately, I say this Kyoani's adventurous attempt ended up being just average with current prospect.

But who knows? It might get better. However, staffs involved in this episode was too godly. All the highest team members of Kyoani worked on this episode. That means, they went all out this episode. Yet, it wasn't that good.

Edited: Watched it subbed (Korean). It's fun and enjoyable, but boring and awkward moments are still there. However, I will follow this series until the end.
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