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Originally Posted by Progbuusters View Post
Seems like Holo is in a rather chippy mood and perhaps she is trying to impress Lawrence. Do you think she may have scoped him out earlier and chose him specifically?
I think she chose him specifically, yes. He can't have been the only wheat merchant passing through Pasroe all that time, and it's clear she could have left on her own whenever she wanted to (she just didn't want to).

Since Lawrence had been through Pasroe several times before, and it's an event when someone arrives in a remote village like Pasroe, it's likely that she "scoped him out", and decided that he was a good candidate to be her sugar-daddy.

I think she was waiting for an excuse to travel with him, and that he wouldn't be that easy to win over. Let's face it: her cover-story is just cute nonsense designed to appeal to his ego and tug at his heartstrings. It didn't take him long to realize she was just lonely, like him.

I think she was trying to "impress him" in the sense that she wanted to prove she was indispensable. At first, all she could offer was flirty companionship, which she knew he was weak to. Of course, she's clearly weak to that as well, which is why we have a story.
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