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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Speaking of Ayano, am I the only one who wants to strangle her whenever she says "Eh, ah, hai"?
No, I'm starting to get incredibly irritated by it aswell, although she did come through in Episode 3. Well I managed to sit through the whole of Episode 3 without taking a break and finding something more interesting to do so that's an improvement but I'm almost entirely convinced this series is going to feel incredibly flat all throughout. There's just something seriously wrong with the directing. But I suppose that's the advatange of watching an anime that's airing. Once a week is okay. I don't think I've would've lasted long if I tried to marathon this. As for the episode it was rather okay. Not much to say. Except I was kinda rolling my eyes at the end when every other club starting asking for help. And I'm kinda confused at the girl, freckles was with. Who on earth is she? Didn't really give much on her.
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