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Unless there's a dating service club among the clubs Minami's been asked to manage. Then all bets are off.
Well, there are ways to make profits and "increase the productivity" of the workers in such venture as well

EP4 is a home run for me. It defines innovation not as new technology but as disruptive forces that will fundamentally challenge how we do things (creative destruction?). Has anyone ever read Moneyball? It chronicles how A's manager Billy Beane uses statistics to evaluate players instead of the traditional scouting or "just watch the game" method. His success has fundamentally changed scouting and promoted a new breed of baseball managers.

Contrast that with "innovations" made by banks over the last 20 years. They mastered ways to hide risk and sell loans to other financial institutions. As Drucker said in his book, innovation is about making social impacts. Well, rebranding risky assets as safe ones increased profits for the banks but ultimately destroyed the entire economy. Many people have begun to question these "financial wizardry" and are proposing laws to curb them. In short, banks did not make any real innovations.

Great episode.
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