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Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
^^ Dunno mate, my point of view; I am willing to discuss it, if you bother giving an argument

Still... daily promoting for half a month common sense as the management bible does not make an exciting show, whether you agree or not with its (ideas|ideals)

But I stay firm in finding depressing, that the solution to the worthlessness of that baseball team, is to have everyone else to help them out
I find it difficult to argue over whether integrity is fundamental to successful management considering that you did not offer any supporting evidence that it should not be. If you have refreshing perspective on why lying and deceit should be used in top management, or that integrity could actually cripple an organization, then I'd like to hear it and we would have something to go on.

And the claim that you find the concept that organizations cannot achieve success without inputs and help from interested stakeholders to be "worthless", and that such act of cooperation is "depressing," is nothing short of bewildering.
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