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Well that was a rather cute first episode (Rin was adorable, really happy they got a kid to voice her, and I love the background artwork, reminds me a little bit of the background art in Aoi Hana), looking forward to the rest of the show.
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I dunno if I'm looking forward to seeing the reactions of people watching this... if they follow the manga, there's gonna be a lot of raging.
The ANN forums are already freaking out majorly so for the moment, let's just not even mention the ending, it's not like we can get through 55 chapters in 11 episodes anyway.

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Full review:

Hourou Musuko--->AnoHana--->Usagi Drop

Fractale--->C--->No. 6?
Think you need to switch C and Fractale around, C actually had a plan for the ending at least >.> (and No. 6, IMO has a better plot than Fractale as well)
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