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Congratulations. Voting is an fundamental importance to everything in society (whether you are an American or not).

I'm going to gently remind the posters that Fox News is not the point of this thread. Fox News is an inherently and intrinsically biased media organization. Their very mission statement is to report Conservative news. That is not surprising nor relevant. MSNBC and CNNs biases are also not surprising nor relevant. Even PBS is, even if only a little. The biases of the news and their viewers is irrelevant to the discussion of the candidates, their positions and policies (if any), and the overall election. This is not an Election Coverage discussion (and I at least wouldn't allow such a thread to be created).

To be fair, the 1950s saw the integration of the school systems and the 1890s and 1900s saw Teddy Roosevelt (and others) starting the Progressive Movement.
Yes, that is exactly why I used those dates as just some social issues people take for granted today.
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