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Originally Posted by SoldierOfDarkness View Post
Aesthetic style I suppose.

IMO I found it silly to have a 360 degree cockpit in a mechanical unit. I know that the system is designed to reproduce the images which is why balloon dummies are effective but I like the one view screen more.

Heck the Tierens in Gundam 00 had a grim-dark looking cockpit where it was just a visor the pilots had to wear. Too bad that wasn't carried over.
Likely because it requires a special helmet in order to use and it would make it impossible to pilot without said helmet. And we know Gundam pilots like their occasional helmetless piloting moments. Not to mention anime-wise, they would have to go inside the helmet to show their faces, rather than showing their emotions through a normal cockpit view. In 00, Sergei was the only named reoccuring pilot that had the setup anyways, they even gave a special panaromic view cockpit for Soma's Tieren.

In the end it depends on preference I believe. I personally like panaromic because I just think it looks so much neater whenever I see it and gives you a wider view in general I guess.

Originally Posted by Nvis View Post
One thing's been bothering me for awhile now.

How come these new Gundams don't come with 360 degree cockpits?
I won't be surprised if they appear later generation. In 00, Celestial Being started off with three screen cockpits until they get their S2 Gundams which had the 360 view. Saving them for later mechs might also give a sense of improvement/change from the cockpit setup types now and the time frame of this show is suppose to be wide since we're going to have timeskips later.

It would be funny if we later find out that the UE units already have them now. lol
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