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I won't be surprised if they appear later generation. In 00, Celestial Being started off with three screen cockpits until they get their S2 Gundams which had the 360 view. Saving them for later mechs might also give a sense of improvement/change from the cockpit setup types now and the time frame of this show is suppose to be wide since we're going to have timeskips later.

It would be funny if we later find out that the UE units already have them now. lol
The UE probably has a Dragon Trace System or something different than traditional cockpits, given how far advanced their technology is (e.g. absolute stealth fields, fold/tardis(?) systems and even beam shavers!).

The helmet visor of the Tierens are actually more efficient; they can still provide the same awareness of a panoramic cockpit/linear seat combo and the removed screens weight/space savings can be exchanged for more cockpit armor (and thus improved survivability).
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