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Sorry too busy at the moment, can't type too much...

Anyways, the idea seems pretty interesting to select and cross out your less favorite chars via poll system, but I'm afraid if the mods will even accept it... Frankly, (no criticism aimed at you) I believe the first 2~3 weeks will pretty much "motivate" us to a certain point hoping to see our favorite chars winning the competition, but taking from the other side it's kinda meaningless to start a unique VS thread for only characters' preferences.

For example, let's assume I sincerly or out of curiosity vote for Jean for these last 3 weeks (I mean kicking the other chars out) and I luckily get 3 straight wins... It's kinda obvious for someone to get tired of it when you get to play and get the same results over and over always expecting your same favorite char to stand the last and get a title (or even waiting for others to win too because they haven't yet). I know its means might be different in some ways since this is all about crossing out the "most detestable" ones (Like Tabitha or Dauf being the only expendables at there very first rounds ) and avoid your favorite chars gettin wiped off, but I still think this makes no much difference from that of any typical character poll thread we already have left very dead unless a new member/fan of Claymore decides to share his thoughts with us.

Though as personal POV, I love the idea to start a new thread to once again cool our minds bringing back the forgotten warriors into discussion, and I believe we could organize a fine debate comparing there stats to those of current gens without worrying about overlapping with chapter discussions excluding any off-topics to focus more on current chap events like Nixl said (and probably the best pros would be that we'd stop arguing about TvP if we had this "VS" thread which involves all characters )

Anyways, we do have pros and cons. And I can be too critical when it comes to this type of discussions even though I approve of it, so don't take it too personally Man, can't recall exactly where (guessing MangaHelpers forum), but I just remembered some ppl went crazy starting VS threads every week almost like insulting eachother as it were usual
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