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It does seem like fun idea Gooral -- if nothing else, it would bring some spark back to this forum which has only lost it's energy and enthusiasm more and more overtime; even in 2009, the excitement and fun of this place still wasn't on par with two years earlier when the anime was airing. People have come and gone, the fun social threads have all been pushed back to oblivion, and now, it's a miracle if anybody posts anywhere but the monthly chapter thread and/or the image thread.

That's something that needs changing, and I don't think it's necessarily because, even though it's taken a long time, people have eventually gotten bored of Claymore and/or of this place - It may tie into what Nixl said in that the monthly thread is too overwhelming for casual people, so they stay aside, while the long-timers eventually move on from this place, resulting in this stagnation....whatever the case is, a simple game-thread like this may be the spark to reignite some good ol' fashioned fun and, with any luck, all the other previous threads that have mountains of dust at this point.

Edit - it's also interesting in that the game won't just be based on popularity, but on whatever theme we choose; for example, recently in the chapter thread, we, once again, had a discussion on who we think would best serve as the Ghosts new leader in place of Miria -- alot of interesting ideas came out of it, but in a sense, it was bogged down by what was going on in the story itself. As Nixl said, having it seperate would be better as the game won't overlap with the current events of the story, but more light-hearted "what if" -- that, regardless of what is actually happening in the story, had Miria died, who would be best to replace her?

Alot of themes and interesting discussion could be brought out from this, so it won't necessarily just be a polling contest to see who is more popular, more this, more that.
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