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Well if it was only this, then i would agree with the topic starter.

Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
Just another bad Ano Natsu episode... 3/10....
But his full post was:

Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
This show's execution continues to be less than impressive. It's funny to me how much the comedy in this tends to miss its mark. Certain things are either too understated, or overdone in presentation. I always get the feeling that they are trying too hard as well... Kind of like "Hey lets throw a joke in these intervals to make the audience laugh." This relaxed atmosphere does not work for this show one bit.

Lemon's character has been quite the eye sore as well. So jammed into your face as an "OMG! I'm a funny character!" Always sounding really confident for no particular reason and messing with the cast in supposedly comical ways, and I just really have to ask why she even is in cast. Obviously she's not even a character at this point. Just a comic relief tool, and a poor one at that since what she does all too predictable and nonsensical. Not to mention the execution problems this show has on the comedy front just does not help this show one bit.

Show so far has a bit of the worthless main protagonist syndrome. No idea at the moment why in the world anyone would have a crush on him, but hey as always, this stuff often does not make sense. Though I guess this cast in general is just very unappealing. The only ones who stand out are the ones who stand out for bad reasons. Nothing really interesting about them.

Overall... There there is some love triangle which hasn't been given much detail, some sentimental thing going on with a video and the main character possibly dieing, and bad comedy. Of course the scifi really hurts it, because it makes the main character relation in this appear quite silly.

Just another bad Ano Natsu episode... 3/10....
In short.
-bad comedy
-dislike of characters
-the usage of sci-fi

While some can agree or disagree, he did point out his flaws of that episode and the show itself.
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